What is this new online photo community all about? The main goal for OFFBEAT is simple: to create the most supportive, relatable, helpful, engaging photo community out there!

For many years, the OFFBEAT Team has been involved in many aspects of the photography industry, including other online communities. We have greatly benefited from being involved in other web-based platforms – so much so that we wanted to create a platform for others where we could put our own twist on the things we love the most!

So, how we do we go about accomplishing that? 

  1. In order to make OFFBEAT all it can be, we want to be adaptable, so we will keep steering the community towards what members find is most helpful and what ultimately amps up the creativity.
  2. Our team will be active and engaged. The OFFTEAM Team will be available frequently to answer any questions you might have. We are committed to engaging with the community as often as we can.
  3. We will put a lot of effort into sharing how we go about creating our own images, and we will give everyone the opportunity to share his or her own approach to creativity.

Ultimately, we believe there should be no secrets, and we feel the best way to champion creativity is to be transparent.


There are several ways in which we plan to let you into our creative process. Here are a few examples:


In Behind the Image our contributors explain why and how we got a certain image.  All of those pieces are downloadable for our members through our member portal. Below is an example of one such write-up.

Click the image to download the PDF in a new window.

By Wayne Simpson


We regularly add video content that has us “think out loud” and thoroughly describe the creation of an image, from its visualization in the field to its fully-edited final output. Here’s an example:

Beyond The Image – Greenland Demo
Paul Zizka


  • Ask Me Anything – live sessions with different themes in order to appeal to the entire community – from business to creativity, ethics and ‘how-tos’.
  • Featured Inspirations + Share Days – To give you a creative boost.
  • Regular Critiques – To help you make leaps with your craft. We’ll critique our own images, but will also offer you the opportunity to submit your images for critique as well!
  • Early Workshop Access – Our events are selling faster each year, and many will appreciate the opportunity to get dibs on signing up!
  • Giveaways – These will range from gear to the occasional coveted spot on an OFFBEAT workshop!


Our Annual Subscribers will have access to Dave Brosha’s “Lightroom Wizards: Taking the Plunge” video tutorials.

Here’s a sample video:

Lightroom Wizards – An Introduction

As the OFFBEAT community grows, it also becomes an incredible place for networking, finding like-minded photographers, and pairing up to meet up in the field! It is a perfect online venue to share your work and show where your creativity is taking you.

All in all, we feel the community can be a cornerstone for creativity. We hope you’ll join us! 

Feature image by Dave Brosha.

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