OFFBEAT is all about tapping into that spirit of adventure and keeping life exciting by venturing off-the-beaten-track. Founders Dave Brosha and Paul Zizka have designed photography workshops that help you explore new frontiers in your photography and new corners of the globe.

The first two stops, Greenland Grandeur and Nights of Wonder: Faroe Islands, are prime examples of the far-flung destinations we’ll be exploring. From bobbing icebergs and dancing auroras of Greenland to the seaside cliffs and fjordland of the Faroes, these workshops will help participants reconnect with the wilderness and their creative side. These first two workshops are already sold out, but keep your eyes out for more great stops.


TMNP035-From Labrador TourismTORNGATS, LABRADOR – July 2017 

This remote corner of Labrador will surprise you. Home to over 100 remnant glaciers and the highest peaks in mainland Eastern Canada, the Torngats prove that high elevation topography isn’t only reserved for the West and North. Join us in one of the wildest and least photographed parts of Canada for an adventure-filled workshop shooting iceberg-choked fjords, glacier-carved tundra valleys, turquoise lakes and aurora borealis.

GTNGREENLAND – September 2017 

Join us for Round 2 of Greenland Grandeur while we explore one of the least-photographed but most beautiful countries in the world. You’ll get a chance to work closely with your instructors as we tackle a variety of topics (primarily in the field, with some classroom learning and critiques) aimed at expanding your technical photo skills and your creative vision, all while soaking in the Arctic splendour of an incredible, pristine environment.

namibia-20NAMIBIA – November 2017

White clay and red dunes meet granite peaks and surging waterfalls in one of the world’s most eclectic landscapes. Here, the rugged terrain collides with the forces of nature, from the powerful Epupa Falls to the vast expanses of the Fish River Canyon. Namibia, it turns out, is a photographer’s dream. Join us as we explore this wild landscape, exploring features and locations like Deadvlei, Sossusvlei, Spitzkoppe, The Skeleton Coast and Kolmanskop.


There are two ways you can keep tabs on these workshops:

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Feature photo by Dave Brosha.

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