Wow.  So, here we are.

Today is the day that OFFBEAT launches. 

OFFBEAT – an idea that both Paul and I have been talking about for over a year. An idea that we’re finally putting “out there” to the wind, and the world, to see if it will take flight.

OFFBEAT came out of us talking about building a community of like-minded people. We have so many passionate, amazing people who have attended our workshops, or that we’ve met on or offline over the past number of years who we feel truly connected to. People who share our love of creating, our love of the world around us, and share in the belief that you can only raise everybody up by having a positive, sharing, compassionate outlook on life, and by default, photography.

“But there’s already so much great information on the web! Why would I possibly need to sign up (let alone pay) for anything else?”

There is, of course, great information. The web is a world of wonder and knowledge and there’s an answer waiting at your fingertips for probably any question you could ever fathom asking. There are endless photography resources and many great communities. 

Among many of the posts in the OFFBEAT Community, in “Behind the Image” our contributors (from all genres) use examples from their own work and break down the processes and techniques they used to create the image. Photo by Dave Brosha.

SO, WHY . . . OURS?

Paul and I already spend a lot of time online. Our greatest loves, of course, are our families and being in the field, creating. But we have both embraced the community potential of the internet. It’s where we’ve already been able to connect with people around the globe, to be inspired ourselves, and grow. But there are many questions that people have posed to us over time that have gone unanswered. Many techniques and processes and business practices and inspirations that we have yet to share, write, or talk about because of the hard limits of time versus the balance of making a living. 

We asked ourselves, what if people were willing to give a little of themselves to help support us in making an amazing community of passionate photographers? What if we are able to spend some real time developing and nurturing a community of creatives through articles, videos, tutorials and, more importantly, be available to encourage, nurture share and help others grow?

Here: we’re putting this idea out to the world. And we’re asking you to join us. We often hear people say, “I’d love to come to one of your workshops but they’re never near me.” Or, “I’d love to learn but I simply can’t afford to come to a place like Greenland.”  Here, then, is a community where we’re asking for a small annual (or monthly, if you prefer) fee to join. And if you do join, you can consider it an ongoing workshop, a place of growth, a membership in a community of people who want nothing more than for you to grow and to continue to be excited by photography. You’ll have access to educational resources like videos, articles, and tutorials. But, most importantly, we believe, you’ll have access to an encouraging community.  A place where you can ask Paul and me questions, along with our great team of contributors.

This is not a community based on genres.  It’s a photography community about passion. And we hope to see you on “the other side”.

Feature image by Paul Zizka.


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