2019 | The Year of Collaboration

OFFBEAT’s annual challenge is here! Last year it was all about storytelling. We were blown away by how well that was received and by all of the submissions we had the pleasure to browse through.

This year, we want to stick with the storytelling aspect, but we want to up the ante by adding a “collaboration” component. We both feel that collaboration has been a keystone of both our journeys as photographers, and that the photo world could use a lot more of it. Less competition, more collaboration. Collaborations fire you up creatively, keep you accountable and do wonders for networking.

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Your Mission:

This time is to again develop a portfolio of 8-12 images over the course of 2019 around a topic you are passionate about. Any genre, any topic. The twist: you will be paired up with someone and will co-create something cohesive. Even though you may have never met. Even though you may live on opposite sides of the globe.

How to Participate:

Let us know by emailing support@offbeatphoto.ca. Shortly after that we will pair you up with another OFFBEAT member. You can then get in touch with your partner to discuss a topic and start making some magic happen!

The Process:

Just like last year, there will be checkpoints approximately every 3 months. Starting around May 1st, your team will be asked to share 8-12 images, with the understanding that those images will be refined several times throughout the year. This will be a great opportunity to get feedback.

At those checkpoints, a contributor will judge the entries and a prize will be awarded. Paul Zizka will take on the judging for May 1st. Dave Brosha will then do the next round around August 1st, and Curtis Jones will look through submissions in November. You can use whatever platform suits you for your submissions: Facebook album, slideshow, Maptia, Exposure.co, Spark, etc.

At the end of the year, the creators of the most compelling, strongest photo essay will both win a workshop spot (events TBA), along with other awesome prizes that will be confirmed by the end of this month.

Let’s join forces in 2019! Who’s in?!

Note: Anyone joining OFFBEAT after the challenge start date will be able to participate. Just “check in” at any upcoming checkpoints!