All photography by Paul Zizka

There are few places on the planet that possess the same sense of mystery and wonder as Easter Island. Rapa Nui, as it’s also known, will surprise you at every turn, from the scale of the ancient Moai carvings (“big heads”) that adorn the island, to the diversity of the landscape. Here you’ll find rugged coastlines, jaw-dropping volcanic formations, and peaceful grasslands that grace the interior. Wild horses rule the land while birdlife soars above.

With this kind of remoteness comes some of the world’s darkest skies and an “end of the world” feeling like you’ve never experienced before. Combined, these elements provide an unforgettable experience for photography of all kinds, and a rare opportunity to see first-hand why Rapa Nui’s monoliths remain one of the world’s greatest mysteries. We’ve done the groundwork to offer you the most comprehensive and memorable photo experience possible.

Opportunities for adventure and wildly creative inspiration are boundless while we explore these five faces of Easter Island.

OFFBEAT is heading off to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), a wonderful speck of land far off the coast Chile, for a wildly creative photography workshop on March 23rd to 29th, 2020. Read on to learn more about the mysterious and exciting adventures that Easter Island has to offer, and its many faces that our OFFBEAT photographers will explore together.

#1. Moai: Ancient Faces

The first image that comes to mind when thinking of Easter Island is of recognizable rock face statues. There are over a thousand Moai, enormous rock statues, that stand several metres high, found everywhere on the island. How they were transported and placed atop their Ahu (platforms), often tens of kilometres away from the rock quarry, remains one of the world’s great unsolved mysteries.

Photos by Paul Zizka

#2. Wild Horses

Everywhere you go on Easter Island you encounter wild horses. They roam freely across the landscape, the roads, the sea side, and make for spectacular photo subjects. Wildlife is sparse on Rapa Nui otherwise, but these horses add an abundance of photo opportunities when you line them up with Moai, crashing waves and rolling hillsides.

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Ahu Tongariki. Photo by Paul Zizka Photography.

#3. Rugged Coastline

Before scouting this workshop, we had no idea how stunning the landscape was for photography, from the wild coastline of the Poiku Peninsula to the volcanic features that hug the sea. The water is as blue as can be here, and with the island being so remote, it is quite clear and pristine.

Photos by Paul Zizka

#4. Volcanic Features

Rapa Nui is made up of three volcanos, meaning you’ve got some seriously cool features to photograph. From lava tubes to crumbling shorelines and large craters you can hike right up to, this place is the definition of wild. The Big Heads are all the rage here, but these kinds of landmarks are other-worldly, too.

Photos by Paul Zizka

#5. Dark Skies

You’re 3,000 kilometres off the coast of Chile, so you’ve got very, very little light pollution to worry about. Easter Island is an astrophotographer’s dream come true. We’ve scouted the best opportunities for guided night access to some of the island’s most remarkable sights so you can get some truly unique images.

Offbeat, OFFBEAT, OFFBEAT Photography Community, Easter Island Workshop, Easter Island 2020
Travelling Moai. Photo by Paul Zizka Photography.

Photos by Paul Zizka

With Polynesian roots and a more modern-day Chilean influence, Rapa Nui has a unique blend of cultures, food — Hello, ceviche! — and language. It is a remarkable place that truly lives up to its reputation.

For more information on booking your space in our Easter Island Workshop, find all the details here!

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