For over a year we’ve been working on an exciting new program at OFFBEAT: the Business of Photography. What started as a bit of a pipe dream has blossomed into a beautiful resource for all of you, and we’re finally ready to share it! 

Earlier this year we gathered six of Canada’s leading photographers – Dave Brosha, Paul Zizka, Viktoria Haack, Lanny Mann, Erika Jensen-Mann and John E. Marriott – to film the contents of a new video series to help photographers make sense of the business of photography, and how to make an income off their images.

What we got was so much better than we could have ever imagined! In the end, we’ve got 15 hours of expertly curated video teaching. Spread across 30+ modules, you will also have access to 11 roundtable discussions, as well as downloadable worksheets, graphs, sample income pie charts, and more.

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So what kind of things will we be discussing? First and foremost, the general business of photography! A few of the topics we will cover include operations and administration, marketing yourself and your business, how to successfully generate lasting income, the importance of client relationships, and possibly the most important: how to blend your creative endeavours with your day-to-day work life. 

The video series is geared towards anyone looking to make an income off their images, whether that’s a side income or shifting to a fulltime photo career. Even if that’s not yet on your radar, watching these six photographers discuss the ins and outs of their businesses will offer fascinating insights for creatives of all kinds. 

photography, photographer, course, business, teaching, learning

The team at OFFBEAT is stoked to help you tap into your personal expertise, as well as provide the guidance you need to take your craft to the next level! Did you just blackout due to excitement, too? Let’s recap:

The Business of Photography

If you’re wondering where you can sign up for this amazing program, look no further. Visit businessofphotography.ca to enroll now!

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