OFFBEAT is a cutting-edge photo community that helps photographers push themselves creatively through meaningful online interaction, web-based resources and photo workshops held in some of the world’s wildest places.

Above all, OFFBEAT is about having fun with photography – the kind that makes you light up inside and gets you hooked. Let’s laugh together as we learn and explore what’s possible when creativity has no limits!

Above images (L-R) by Dave Brosha (1, 3, and 4) and Paul Zizka (2).


  • focus on creating a community that is unique, creative, supportive, personal and full of passion
  • generate excitement about learning, progressing on one’s own journey and making stronger images
  • provide educational resources for photographers, produced and presented by industry leaders
  • embrace all genres of photography and how our members go about documenting and creating
  • reflect the ideals we strive to embody each day in our engagement with the wider photographic community
  • go beyond photography; this is a community where you can be a better you