OFFBEAT Contributor Wayne Simpson talks about his "dignified portrait" style

OFFBEAT Contributor Feature: Wayne Simpson

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All images by Wayne Simpson.

OFFBEAT recently had a chance to catch up with OFFBEAT Contributor and incredibly talented “dignified portrait” photographer, Wayne Simpson, to find out more about his photography business, creative inspiration, and wisdom he’d like to share with new photographers.

Being Prepared is Being Professional

By Wayne Simpson

I remember when I first started out using lighting in portraiture – it was nerve-wracking! I recall things going wrong and I would just keep trying things blindly until something worked. Many times, I had no idea what I had changed or why it worked… but it worked and I got the hell out of there as soon as I knew I had what I needed!

Things happen. Lights fail, transmitters don’t communicate, random unwanted light appears in photos. Heck, I’ve seen it all! The difference now is that I have a plan A, B, C, and sometimes D! Knowing various ways to approach a shoot is not only a great way to be sure you don’t let a client down, but it also brings your stress level down BIG TIME!