DATES // OCTOBER 4-9, 2021
COST // $5,250 CAD. See inclusions below.

If you’re looking for an incredible photography destination in 2021 join Paul Zizka and Dave Brosha in the fantastical Faroe Islands for six days (five nights) of exploration and adventure. Due to their incredible natural beauty and landscapes found nowhere else on Earth, there’s no doubt that the Faroes will explode in popularity within a few years. Come experience the islands before the crowds catch up! We will be fully available to help take your landscape photography skills to the next level, and we’ll fit in some astrophotography and portrait photography as well as time and weather allow! You’ll get a chance to work closely with both of us as we tackle a variety of topics (primarily in the field, with some classroom learning and critiques) aimed at expanding your technical photo skills and your creative vision, all while soaking in the splendour of an incredible environment.

The Faroe Islands

Located between Iceland and Norway – a small archipelago of volcanic islands; a place that looks like someone mashed together Scotland + Greenland + Ireland + Iceland. This will be a six-day workshop with a great group blending daytime landscape/nature (and even portrait!) photography with a night component. If you’re looking to come explore an incredible country with a group of passionate people – well, we’d love to have you there!

Photos by Paul Zizka.


  • Incredible seacliffs
  • Countless waterfalls
  • Rich bird life
  • Rugged volcanic landscapes
  • More shades of green than you’ve ever seen
  • Monster waves
  • Friendly people



– Daily instruction/mentoring by Paul Zizka and Dave Brosha
– All in-country accommodations + breakfast/dinner (alcohol exempt) during the dates of the workshop
– In-country transportation during duration of workshop (we have a number of rental vans secured)

Not Included:

– International Airfare (participants will need to be in Vagar, Faroe Islands for the start date of the workshop)
– Lunches. As this will be a workshop around late nights and early mornings, participants will have free time from late morning through late afternoon; as such, lunches aren’t with the group and are “on own”.
– Personal effects or alcoholic beverages
– Travel Insurance


The workshop is suitable for participants of all levels of experience in photography. Most locations will be readily accessible with drives/short hikes.

This event focuses primarily on landscape and outdoor photography, but participants are free to ask questions about and practice portrait photography as well. It is worth noting that the workshop will be quite intense in order to maximize field time. Participants are not expected to participate in every aspect of the workshop/tour. It’s up to you to get out as much as you like, though of course it is recommended you give it your all.

Photo by Paul Zizka.


As this event is in October in the Faroes, there is the possibility of some very diverse weather conditions and cool temperatures, especially in the late evening and early mornings. Please come prepared for a variety of weather conditions as the more comfortable you are, the more enjoyable your experience will be.

Make sure to pack:

• suitable and comfortable clothing, which you can layer (including long underwear)
• warm jacket.
• waterproof jacket and pants
• hiking boots (we will be in potentially wet and rocky areas)
• warm hat
• a headlamp or flashlight
• gloves (try to find gloves that still allow you to operate your camera)
• your own camera equipment (preferably DSLR, which allows manual control of shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings and a range of lenses, if you have). Our recommended lenses to bring would be one wide angle lens with a fast aperture (useful for night photography) and a 70-200MM lens. Other lenses are useful, of course, but those two lenses were our most frequented “go-to” lenses. 
• a sturdy tripod 
• a cable (or wireless) shutter release
• a laptop for editing (with editing software, preferably Adobe)

As well, we optionally recommend:

• small first aid kit
• blister bandages
• water bottle



Holding a passion for the world and an eye for the beauty it contains, Prince Edward Island-based, award-winning commercial, personal, and adventure photographer Dave Brosha is on a continual journey to seek out and capture the beauty of this world – whether it’s the beauty of some of the most extreme and pristine environments in the world or the beauty of some of a person’s most personal moments. In addition to living throughout northern Canada for much of his life, Dave has also lived in Asia and has travelled extensively through both the many provinces and territories of his native country and numerous countries abroad.  An explorer at heart, his images – no matter what the genre – are full of heart and soul, and are a testament to the human spirit.

Specializing in photographing in difficult conditions and hard-to-reach places, Paul has a passion for shooting alpine sports and backcountry experiences, capturing the spirit of adventurers and finding unusual angles of common mountain subjects. As a landscape photographer, he particularly enjoys the challenge of capturing nature’s beauty at night and the unique features that come with a dark sky – stars, Northern Lights and dramatic silhouettes. Paul’s award-winning photos have been featured in a variety of publications, including National Geographic, Maclean’s, Alpinist, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Islands, and Climbing magazine.


NOTE: The itinerary can and will change based on weather conditions, among other factors. Participants are expected to be flexible to the group’s needs.

Day 1 – Monday, October 4 – Workshop starts mid-afternoon at about 3PM at our hotel on Vagar. Group introductions, overview, astrophotography presentations, field sunset session.

Day 2 – Tuesday, October 5 – Sunrise photography around Vagar, close to hotel, breakfast back at hotel, break, 2-hour classroom sessions just before dinner, dinner at Vagar Hotel, sunset session on Vagar.

Day 3 – Wednesday, October 6 – Transfer day to Gjogv with stop in scenic Saxon. Early dinner at Gjaargardur, sunset in northern Eysturoy, possibility of night session.

Day 4 – Thursday, October 7 – Sunrise somewhere near Gjogv, close to hotel, breakfast back at hotel, break, 2-hour classroom sessions just before dinner, early dinner at Gjaargardur, sunset session on northern Streymoy.

Day 5 – Friday, October 8 – Sunrise somewhere near Gjogv, close to hotel, breakfast back at hotel, break, 2-hour classroom sessions just before dinner, early dinner at Gjaargardur, sunset session on northern Streymoy, night session.

Day 6 – Saturday, October 9 – Final group breakfast.


Please visit our FAQs for more information on What to Bring, our Physical Ratings and Photography Levels.


Physical Rating (Moderate):


  • Hiking experience // Previous/regular hiking experience. Good physical condition.
  • Pace // Steady.
  • Distance/Description // Hikes may be a day hike with less <15km, with a significant elevation change (>300 m), and more rugged terrain. We’ll cover varying distances and terrain on generally established trails.
  • Footwear // Hiking boots or light hiking shoes are appropriate.

Photography Level (ALL): This photo tour is open to both amateur and professional photographers.

See these ratings described in our FAQs.

INSURANCE: It is not only advised but required that photo tour participants have trip cancellation/interruption insurance, as well as emergency medical/illness insurance and rescue coverage (proof required within 4 months of departure).

Weather and other unforeseen factors can cause delays in travel, particularly from some of our more remote locations. It is the participant’s responsibility to cover any costs in the case of a travel delay of any length. Please ensure your trip cancellation/interruption insurance accommodates this possibility.

By purchasing a spot you are acknowledging that you accept these conditions.


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