A wild ride into the Gobi Desert with OFFBEAT founders,
Paul Zizka and Dave Brosha, and assistant Curtis Jones.


DATES // JUNE 3-13, 2019
COST // $6,950 CAD + Eventbrite fee
WHERE YOU’LL STAY // Mix of hotel, tourist camp, family stay

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How would you describe Mongolia? Wild, powerful, beautifully desolate and unforgettable. Filled with wonderful people, eerie and unearthly landscapes, incredible night skies and dancing light. Sandstorms, nomads, camels, steppes, dunes, canyons and endless surprises. Lowest density of population in the world, the highest density of horses. And, for the photographer, an absolute paradise.

Join us for 11 days of adventure and discovery in one of the most unique and exotic locations on the planet. This trip is all about the Gobi Desert. Its vastness and emptiness are haunting. And in between dusty stretches of road are geological gems that offer countless photo opportunities. There are no iconic shots here, so get ready to head off the beaten track.

What Mongolia lacks in luxury it rewards in photo opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. We have worked hard to put together an itinerary we are truly proud of and excited to share with you.  After working with locals to overhaul some of the existing journeys, we created what we feel is the perfect itinerary for photographers.

Who’s in for an adventure?



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Photos by Paul Zizka


20160530-073A0909PAUL ZIZKA // LEADER
Specializing in photographing in difficult conditions and hard-to-reach places, Paul has a passion for shooting alpine sports and backcountry experiences, capturing the spirit of adventurers and finding unusual angles of common mountain subjects. As a landscape photographer, he particularly enjoys the challenge of capturing nature’s beauty at night and the unique features that come with a dark sky – stars, Northern Lights and dramatic silhouettes. Paul’s award-winning photos have been featured in a variety of publications, including National Geographic, Maclean’s, Alpinist, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Islands, and Climbing magazine.


Holding a passion for the world and an eye for the beauty it contains, Long Creek, Prince Edward Island based, award-winning commercial, personal, and adventure photographer Dave Brosha is on a continual journey to seek out and capture the beauty of this world – whether it’s the beauty of some of the most extreme and pristine environments in the world, or the beauty of some of a person’s most personal moments. In addition to living throughout northern Canada for much of his life, Dave – along with his beautiful wife, Erin, and three children – have also lived in Asia and have traveled extensively through both the many provinces and territories of their native country and numerous countries abroad.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.46.28 PMCURTIS JONES // ASSISTANT
Curtis is an adventure, landscape and portrait photographer from Newfoundland and Labrador who considers Nunavut his second home. Never tiring of seeing the sun rise from a new horizon or watching a contagious smile grow on the faces of friends and strangers alike as they step out of their comfort­ zone, Curtis seeks to tell stories with his photographs as he lives out his own. Throughout his career, he has had the pleasure of working with world­class athletes, artists, and production teams while shooting in some of the globe’s most raw, wild, and challenging locations. Equal parts adventurer, artist and clown, he is never far from a camera, a tent or a good punchline. Curtis has also completed a major expedition in Greenland where he went kite-sailing the Greenland icecap.


Full itinerary to be provided to participants upon arrival.

Mongolia is a big country and, for that reason, we decided to focus on what we feel is its most unique area: the Gobi Desert. Other than our time in the capital, we will spend the rest of our stay exploring this unique and exotic part of the country.


What’s Included:

  • One-on-one and group photography instruction from Dave Brosha and Paul Zizka (and assistant Curtis Jones)
  • Airport transfers
  • All accommodations
  • Transportation in Toyota Land Cruisers
  • All meals
  • Local guide and drivers

What’s Not Included:

  • Travel insurance
  • Flights to and from Mongolia
  • Alcohol
  • Souvenirs


Please visit our FAQs for more information on What to Bring, our Physical Ratings and Photography Levels.


Physical Level: Moderate

  • Hiking experience // Previous/regular hiking experience. Good physical condition.
  • Pace // Steady.
  • Distance/Description // Hikes may be a day hike with less 300 m), and more rugged terrain. We’ll cover varying distances and terrain on generally established trails.
  • Footwear // Hiking boots or light hiking shoes are appropriate.

Photography Level (All): This workshop is open to both amateur and professional photographers.

See these ratings described in our FAQs.


It is not only advised but required that participants have trip cancellation/interruption insurance, as well as emergency medical/illness insurance and rescue coverage (proof required within 4 months of departure).

Weather and other unforeseen factors can cause delays in travel, particularly from some of our more remote locations. It is the participant’s responsibility to cover any costs in the case of a travel delay of any length. Please ensure your trip cancellation/interruption insurance accommodates this possibility.

By purchasing a spot you are acknowledging that you accept these conditions.